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  a la cARTe - Luminaya
This is where it gets all up close and personal. We want you to feel an even greater connection to your mandala and art piece and offer a personalized service within this area.

All things are made of energy and as such carry a vibration. This could be represented in light, color, sound or another form. We all have a core vibration and this is our resonance and or holonomic blueprint that the rest of society and the universe responds to.

Sure it can shift and morph depending on circumstance but your true essence will be apparent. This energy that we all experience slightly differently has also been called a Hado, Aura, Morphic field amongst other things.

Through using your personal mandala it can open up new levels of feeling, consciousness, thought, dreams and or just simply make sure that you are  represented in Mandala form in your home. It’s a portal to open, transform or maybe just bring special focus to the unique beauty of your being or group.
Your Personal Mandala

Our personalisation and personnal mandala creation service.
The Essence of your Business

A unique service and way to capture the Essence of your new project, company, brand or product.
Commissions and commercial

Corporate logos, flyer generation, book/CD/DVD covers, corporate themeing or private commisions.
Why not use our artwork to theme your next event, hotel, café, spa, interior design, decor...?